Sbi Agri Loans

SBI AGRICULTURAL GOLD LOANS Purpose Bank extends hassle free finance to farmers / agriculturists against Gold Ornaments / gold wares to increase their liquidity to meet crop production expenses, Investment expenses related to agriculture and / or allied agricultural activities. Eligibility Any person engaged in agriculture or allied activities as well as persons engaged in activities permitted to be classified under agriculture. Quantum of Loan Upto 70% of the value of the ornaments . Value will be as advised by the bank to the branches periodically. Security Pledge of gold ornaments.

KISAN CREDIT CARD (KCC) Purpose: To provide timely and adequate credit to farmers to meet their production credit needs (cultivation expenses) besides meeting contingency expenses, and expenses related to ancillary activities through simplified procedure facilitating availment of the loans as and when needed. Who are eligible for the loan? * Owner cultivators, tenant cultivators and Share croppers. * Agricultural borrowers having good track record for the last 2 years (i. e. , Maintaining standard loan accounts). * Creditworthy new borrowers can also be financed. Loan amount Loan amount is based on operational land holding ,cropping pattern and ancillary and contingency needs of the farmer for the full year 100% of the cultivation cost available as loan upto Rs 50000/ and 85 % of the cost as loan above Rs 50000/. Expenses to meet important ancillary activities to production can also be financed in addition to the above The total limit is inclusive of 20% of production credit, which includes crop production expenses and working capital for allied agricultural activity, as contingency credit /consumption loan. Disbursement of the Loan

As per the cultivation requirements of the crop, the loan will be disbursed in cash . Security Loan amount upto Rs 50000/| Hypothecation of Crops. | Above Rs 50000/ upto Rs 100000| (1) Hypothecation of crops. (2) Mortgage of land or third party guarantee *| Above Rs 100000/| (1) Hypothecation of crops (2) Mortgage of lands| *For loans upto Rs 1 lac to farmers having legal ownership of agricultural lands with good track record for last 2 years, no collateral is required PRODUCE MARKETING LOAN Purpose: * To help farmers avoid distress sale of their produce To enable prompt repayment of crop loan dues and provide liquidity to farmers to meet contingency needs. * To offer the facility of loan against the stocks stored in farm houses, in addition to loan against warehouse receipts. Who are eligible for the loan? 1. All non-defaulter borrowers of our branches, who can store the produce either in their own farm/premises itself or in a Warehouse / cold storage. 2. Crop loan borrowers of other Bank’s and also Non-Borrower Farmers, who store their produce/ stocks in a Warehouse / cold storage. Loan amount 0 to 80% of value of produce depending upon the place of storage subject to a maximum of Rs. 10 lacs. KISAN GOLD CARD SCHEME (KGC) KGC is a general-purpose loan meant for meeting credit needs of farmers for productive and consumption purposes. Consumption loans to meet domestic expenses like Children’s education, marriage, medical expenses etc will be included to the extent of 20% of the limit. Who are eligible? Farmers with excellent repayment record for at least past 2 years, new farmers with sizeable deposits with our branches for 2 years, . good borrowers with other banks,Farmers who have closed accounts are eligible for this loan.

Loan amount Loan amount is fixed on the basis of Five times the annual farm income or 50% of the value of land (to be) mortgaged as collateral security,whichever is less, with a maximum of Rs. 10 lacs SETTING UP OF AGRI-CLINIC & AGRI BUSINESS CENTRES  Purpose The scheme is to provide self employment opportunities to technically trained persons and to augment extension services for agriculture. Who are eligible for this loan? Agricultural graduates / graduates in subjects allied to agriculture like horticulture, animal husbandry, forestry, dairy, veterinary, poultry, pisciculture and other activities.

Loan amount Individual Activity – Rs. 10 lacs Group Activity – Rs. 50 lacs (maximum). In case of group projects, if the group consists of 5 or more persons, all except one of them would have to be agriculture graduate trained under the scheme and the remaining could be non-agri graduate with experience in business development and management. Loan amount for loans upto Rs 5. 00 lacs 100% Loans above Rs 5 lacs upto 85 % of the cost FINANCING OF SECOND HAND / USED TRACTORS SCHEME SBI – Mahindra Vishwas ,      SBI TAFE Nayaroop . Purpose:

Loans provided for the purchase of second hand tractors refurbished by Mahindra & Mahindra and Tractors & Farm Equipments Ltd. Tractors which are up to 7 years oldWho are eligible? Individual farmer or a group of farmers not exceeding three in number (as co-borrowers) owning minimum 3 acres of perennially irrigated agricultural land. In case of co-borrowers the land should be in same area . Loan amount Upto 85% of the cost. The cost will be based on the price fixed by the company for each tractor after refurbishing. The overall maximum limit will be Rs. 2. 50 lac including the cost of implements.

The implements purchased shall be new . Security Loan upto Rs 50000/| Hypothecation of tractor and accessories. | Above Rs. 50,000/-| (1) Hypothecation of tractor and accessories  (2) Mortgage of the land of the farmer or any other tangible Security to cover atleast 50% of the loan amount or suitable third party guarantee . | FINANCING POWER TILLERS Who is eligible? Individual Farmers or a group of not more than 3 farmers owning 2 acres of perennially irrigated land (contiguous / nearby)LOAN AMOUNT: Upto 90 % on the total cost of power tiller plus accessories. Security a. For loans upto Rs. 0,000/- Hypothecation of Power tiller, accessories, implements and trailer purchased out of Bank’s finance. b. For loans above Rs. 50,000 and upto Rs. 2. 00 lacs : Hypothecation of Power tiller, accessories, implements and trailer purchased out of Bank’s finance and mortgage on land/ One third party guarantee, good for the amount involved or any other acceptable collateral security like NSCs, Bank’s own term deposits, Kisan Vikas Patras, Indra Vikas Patras, gold, urban property, surrender value of LIC Policy; the value of it should be at least 50% of the loan amount. c. For loans above Rs. 2. 0 lacs : Hypothecation of Power tiller, accessories, implements and trailer purchased out of Bank’s finance and mortgage of land. How to repay the loan Repayment will be half yearly/ yearly installments’ with the Maximum 9 years, with one year as gestation period. How to apply for this loan You may contact our nearest branch or talk to the marketing officers visiting your village. | | FINANCING FOR COMBINE HARVESTERS Purpose Finance is given for the purpose of combined harvesters’. Makes in the approved list of the bank will only be financedWho are eligible? a. For self propelled Combine Harvester . Farmers who are in a position to operate the Harvester successfully and owning minimum of 8 acres of irrigated land (corresponding acreage for other types of land). 2. Farmers owning lesser acreage than that prescribed above, are also eligible for availing combine harvester loans provided they could operate the harvesters successfully and generate sufficient income . Additionally they should provide additional collateral security like NSCs,Bank Fixed Deposits,LIC policies urban property etc to the value of at least 50% of the loan amount. b. For Combine Harvesters as an attachment /equipment

Farmers who are in a position to operate the Harvester successfully and owning minimum of 6 acres of irrigated land (corresponding acreage for other types of land).. They should own a tractor of not less than 50 HP . Farmers owning lesser acreage than that prescribed above, are also eligible for availing combine harvester loans provided they could operate the harvesters successfully and generate sufficient income, additionally they should provide additional collateral security like NSCs, Bank Fixed Deposits, urban property etc the value of at least 50% of the loan amountLoan amount Upto 85 % of the cost of combine harvester and accessories.

Security 1. Hypothecation of assets financed 2. Mortgage of land/buildingsHow do you repay Repayment of the loan will be in Quarterly/half yearly/yearly installments’ depending on the liquidity your activity creates AND a maximum period of residual economic life of the tractor owned which is assumed as 9 years,. How to apply for this loan You may contact our nearest branch or talk to the marketing officers visiting your village. | | SCHEME FOR FINANCING FARM MACHINERY – WHERE TANGIBLE ASSETS ARE CREATED  (OTHER THAN TRACTOR, COMBINE HARVESTER AND POWER TILLERS)

Purpose Bank is extending financial assistance for purchase of farm machinery like implements, threshers, sprayers (both mechanical and motorized) bullock and cart etc. Who are eligible? All categories of farmers cultivating lands are eligible for the loan. Loan amount For loans upto Rs 50000/      100% of the cost For loan above Rs 50000/     90% of the cost of the asset to be purchasedSecurity a. For loans upto Rs. 50,000/-: Hypothecation of assets created out of Banks finance. b. For loans above Rs. 50,000/- Hypothecation of assets created out of Banks finance. nd Mortgage/ charge over the land. Documents you need to provide Land records, quotation for the assets to be purchasedHow do you repay Repayment will be half yearly/ yearly installments’ depending on the harvest of the crops with a maximum of 7 yearsHow to apply for this loan You may contact our nearest branch or talk to the marketing officers visiting your village. | | | DAIRY PLUS SCHEME FOR FINANCING DAIRY UNITS PURPOSE For construction of shed, purchase of milch animals, milking machine, chaff cutter or any other equipment required for the purpose.

Who are eligible? (1) Individual farmers who are members of the milk procuring societies or located on milk route (2) They should be less than 65 years of age . (3) Individual dairy unit having less than 10 animal – should own minimum 0. 25 acre of land for every 5 animals for growing fodder and be in a position to procure the balance requirements locally. (4) Individual dairy unit having 10 animals and above – should own or lease a minimum of one acre of land for cultivation of fodder for every 5 animals. Other terms • Animal purchase should be in 2 batches Only buffaloes producing more than 7 litres of milk per day and cows producing more than 8 litres of milk per day are financed Animals in first and second lactation alone are eligible for financeLOAN AMOUNT: 100% of the cost for loans upto Rs 50000/ 90% of the cost for loans above Rs 50000/ with a maximum of Rs 5 lakhsas Term loan WORKING CAPITAL: A working capital @ Rs. 2500/- per animal per year may be Sanctioned for purchase of feed, fodder and medicine along with the term loanSecurity  Hypothecation of assets created out of bank finance for loans upto Rs 1. 0 lac . For loans Over Rs. 1 lac -Mortgage of landed property (or) third party guarantee  Worth for loan amount (or) group guarantee of other 2 dairy farmers. How do you repay  The loan should be repaid in monthly installments’ over a period of 5 lactations. How to apply for this loan You may contact our nearest branch or talk to the marketing officers visiting your village . | | | DAIRY SOCIETY PLUS – SCHEME FOR FINANCING DAIRY SOCIETIES  Purpose Bank finance dairy societies for modernization of the societies and for creating infrastructures like?

Construction of “milk house or society office”? Purchase of “Automatic milk collection system”? Purchase of transport vehicles.? Purchase of Bulk chilling unitWhat is the eligibility to avail this loan? SOCIETIES SHOULD HAVE:? ‘A’ grade milk societies – Registered & affiliated to district milk union.? No adverse remarks in the audit report of previous 2 years.? Supplying 1000 lit/day to milk union.? Audited balance sheet for at least previous 2 years.? Earning pre tax profits for the last two years.? Borrowing from other banks, if any – prior liquidation and no due certificate are necessary.?

Borrowing powers as per bye-laws of the Society and Resolution to borrow from the bank. LOAN AMOUNT:  Upto 85% of the cost or four times the average profit of previous 2 years with a maximum of Rs 10. 00 lacs S. No. | Purpose| Maximum loan limit| 1. | Milk house or society office| Rs. 2 lakh| 2. | Automatic milk collection system| Rs. 1 lakh| 3. | Milk transportation| Rs. 3 lakh| 4. | Chilling Unit| Rs. 4 lakh| Security Hypothecation of assets. And Mortgage of landed property (or) Guarantee of milk union. How to repay the loan The loan is repayable in 5 years with gestation of 6 months with monthly installments’.

How to apply for this loan  you may contact our nearest branch or talk to the marketing officers visiting your village| | | | | | | | Purpose Under this scheme loans can be extended to both existing farmers and new farmers having “Contract Broiler Farming” arrangements for enabling them to construct poultry shed and feed room and for purchase of equipments Who are eligible for Broiler plus loan? Those who have experience or undergone training in poultry farming They should have entered a contract with the companies undertaking broiler production through contract farming. ii.

The farmers should possess adequate land for construction of poultry shed which should be at least 500 meters away from any existing poultry farm. Potable water source should also be available . ECONOMIC FLOCK SIZE: The minimum flock size should be 5000 birds. However,financing can be done for 10,000 and 15, 000 birds or part thereof. Loan amount Upto 75 % of the cost. Upto Rs 3 lacs for every 5000 bird planned to be reared Maximum loan amount under the scheme will be Rs 9. 00 lacs per farmer SCHEME TO COVER LOANS FOR GENERAL PURPOSE UNDER – GENERAL CREDIT CARD (GCC) [Print Page] Purpose

The scheme is to provide hassle-free credit to our customers based on the assessment of cash flow without insistence on security, purpose or end-use of the credit. Who are eligible for the loan? Eligibility: i. All our existing customers with the branch having satisfactorily conducted deposit accounts including no frills deposit accounts in our books; say, for the last 6 months, or so, and / or loan accounts classified as standard assets will be eligible for availing loan under the scheme. ii. GCC facility should, however, not be extended to the KCC borrowers. Loan amount Maximum Rs 25000 / SBI KRISHAK UTHAAN YOJNA Print Page] Purpose This scheme is to provide short term production and consumption credit to meet Genuine requirements of tenant farmers, share croppers and oral lessees who do not have recorded land records and where there is no written undertaking/ document available to substantiate raising of crops by the tenant farmer/ share cropper/oral lessee. It will help increase their income from agriculture production activities. Who are eligible? Landless labourers, share croppers, tenant farmers, oral lessees, (also covering oral tenants & small farmers) having no recorded land records are eligible .

They should have a permanent residential address proof & have been residing at the lace for at least past 2 years. • Migratory tillers are not eligible under the scheme. Loan amount Maximum of Rs 50000/ . out of which maximum consumption credit will be Rs 10000/ GRAMIN BHANDARAN YOJNA – CAPITAL INVESTMENT SUBSIDY SCHEME FOR CONSTRUCTION / RENOVATION OF RURAL GODOWNS [Print Page] Purpose This scheme is for creating scientific storage capacity in the rural areas for storing farm produce ,thereby prevent distress sale of produce by the farmers after harvest ,by promoting pledge financing and marketing credit.

Who are eligible for the loan? 1. Individuals / Farmers. quality cum inputs testing laboratories. 2. Proprietary and partnership terms.. 3. Co-operatives, Agro-processing co-operative societies. 4. Companies. 5. Corporations, Agro-Industrial corporations. 6. Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees.. 7. Group of Farmers/Growers. 8. NGOs 9. Agro-Processing Corporations.. 10. Self Help Groups.. 11. Marketing Boards etc. The godown can be constructed / located in any area outside the limits of a Municipal Corporation area. Rural godowns located in Food Parks promoted by Ministry of Food Processing Industries are also eligible.

Loan amount Depending on the project cost. Maximum Project cost will be Rs 1500/ to 2000/ per tonne capacity for construction and Rs 500/ per tonne for renovation NABARD is providing back end subsidy for the projects financed by the Banks ,depending on the location and capacity of the godowns Bank will finance upto 80 % of the Project cost SCHEME FOR FINANCING PRIVATE COLD STORAGE/ PRIVATE WARE HOUSES FOR ONLENDING TO FARMERS [Print Page] Purpose: For financing private cold storages/warehouses for on lending to farmers against Agricultural commodities stored in the cold storage/warehouse.

Who are eligible? All private cold storages/warehouses subject to the following conditions: i. The promoters of the cold storage/warehouse are persons of good repute and integrity ii. The capacity of the cold storage should be more than 5000 MT. iii. The cold storage/warehouse should be in good running condition and should have Registered post-tax profits for the last 3 years. iv. Conduct of the accounts of the cold storage/warehouse with our bank/other banks should be satisfactory and all their existing accounts classified as “standard asset” v.

New cold storages can also be considered for finance under the scheme subject to the project’s viability. Loan amount Minimum: Rs. 25. 00 lacs ; Maximum: Rs. 1. 00 crore SCHEME FOR FINANCING SEED PROCESSORS [Print Page] Purpose To extend financial assistance to the seed processors against their receivables due to them from the seed growers. Who are eligible? Seed processors / units ? Enjoying good reputation & credit worthiness. ? Holding a valid license from the concerned State Department of Industries for Installation of Seed Processing Plant. Having valid certificate from Seed Certification Department. ? Doing business for the last 3 years. ? Having receivables from the farmers. ? Who have posted profits during the past two years of operation are eligible to avail credit limits under the scheme. Loan amount 60 % of the value of the receivables. Minimum Rs 2. 00 lacs. No upper limit MORTGAGE LOAN TO SEED PROCESSING UNITS [Print Page] Purpose To Provide hassle free finance to Seed Processing Units who are willing to furnish mortgage of property of adequate value. Who are eligible?

Existing customers. New connections including takeovers. First generation entrepreneurs as well as promoters of existing units. Loan amount 65% of the realizable value of the property subject to a maximum of 40% of the projected annual turnover. Minimum loan amount will be Rs 5,00,000. Maximum will be Rs 1. 00 crore. Security (1) Hypothecation of stocks and receivable (2) Equitable Mortgage of land & building. CAPITAL INVESTMENT SUBSIDY SCHEME FOR COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION UNITS OF ORGANIC INPUTS UNDER NATIONAL PROJECT ON ORGANIC FARMING [Print Page] Purpose

This scheme is to promote organic farming in the country on a large scale. Under this scheme manufacturing of organic inputs such as biofertilisers, vermicompost, fruit and vegetable waste compost are considered. Who are eligible for the loan Individuals, group of farmers/growers, proprietary and partnership firms, cooperatives, fertiliser industry, seed industry, Companies, Corporations, NGOs are eligible New as well as existing units (for expansion / renovation) engaged in the production are eligible under the scheme. Loan amount 50% of the Project cost as Bank loan 5% of the cost will be provided as subsidy from Government, subject to ceiling Cost of the project depends on the location, capacity, technology, invoice prices etc SCHEME FOR DEBT SWAPPING OF BORROWERS [Print Page] Purpose To extend finance to farmers for paying off loans taken from non-institutional lenders (e. g. money lenders etc. ) and to enable such farmers in distress, meet their crop production needs. Who are eligible? All existing farmer borrowers as well as other farmers in the operational are of the branch. Loan amount The scheme will be for farmers owning land – existing or prospective.

The quantum of loan granted shall be 100% if the debt is on account of cultivation or agri activity, with aMaximum of Rs 50000/. Additionally loan for crop production will be sanctioned under Kisan credit card. ARTHIYAS PLUS SCHEME [Print Page] Purpose To finance commission agents against their receivables of farmers. Who is eligible for the loan? Commission agents with valid license from the market yard/Board. Agents who are in business for the last 3 years. Only commission agents having receivables from farmers and functioning in rural and semi urban markets /mandis. Loan amount

Maximum of Rs 50 lacs in the form of cash credit. Documents you need to provide Statement of book debts (not more than 6 months) Land records of the security offered Commission agent license Audited balance sheet Disbursement of the loan 60 % of the book debt is given as loan directly in cash. Security Hypothecation of the receivables and the movable assets, including stocks, if any Collateral: for loan upto Rs 25 lacs ; Mortgage of residential / commercial property (other than agricultural property) worth at least 1. 5 times of the advance sought belonging to either the applicant or a guarantor.

MINOR IRRIGATION SCHEMES [Print Page] Purpose Loan covers various activities like digging of new wells (open / bore wells), deepening of existing wells, energisation of wells (oil engine/electrical pump set ),laying of pipelines, installing drip / sprinkler system and lift irrigation system. Who are eligible? All farmers having a known source of water available for irrigation purpose are eligible for the loan. Loan amount For loans upto Rs 50000/| 100 % of the project cost| For loans above Rs 50000/| upto 85 % of the project cost will be provided as loan cost| What are documents you need to provide? (1) Land records 2) Quotation for the assets to be purchased (3) An estimate for the civil works to be undertaken (4) Geologist certificate wherever applicable (5) Feasibility certificate from the EB Dept Security A) Where movable assets are not created| (a) Upto Rs 10000/| Personal guarantee| (b) above Rs 10000/| Personal guarantee and Mortgage of land| B) Where movable assets are created| (a) Upto Rs 50000/| Hypothecation of assets created| (b) Above Rs 50000| Hypothecation of assets and mortgage of land| RRB http://www. indiastat. com/banksandfinancialinstitutions/3/regionalruralbanks/242/stats. aspx http://www. indiastat. om/banksandfinancialinstitutions/3/bysectoraladvances/16102/advancesunderprioritysectorbyscheduledcommercialbanks/378184/stats. aspx http://www. indiastat. com/banksandfinancialinstitutions/3/regionalruralbanks/242/stats. aspx SBI has 30 Regional Rural Banks in India known as RRBs. The rural banks of SBI is spread in 13 states extending from Kashmir to Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh to North East. The total number of SBIs Regional Rural Banks in India branches is 2349 (16%). Till date in rural banking in India, there are 14,475 rural banks in the country of which 2126 (91%) are located in remote rural areas.

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